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04 January 2022

Uxolo Development Finance Pathfinder awards 2021 - get involved!

The nominations for the Uxolo Development Finance Pathfinder awards 2021 are now open. These awards recognise the crucial work Development Banks of all sizes have done...

09 December 2021

Uxolo Development Finance Report: Top five takeaways

By combining our inhouse project database, survey results and interviews, Uxolo’s Develpment Finance Report provides the most comprehensive landscape to date of what...

18 August 2021

Blended finance: a solution to the SDG funding puzzle?

Blended finance could be a significant part of the funding solution in meeting the UN's SDGs. But to pull in private sector investment in the volume needed, and the time...

23 July 2021

Blended finance: Mobilising private capital in pandemic recovery

DFIs have reacted quickly and strongly to the short-term fall-out from Covid-19 on Africa – arguably quicker and more strongly than many governments. But the longer term...

18 May 2021
Export & Agency, Regulation

Understanding ECAs: Smoothing an uneasy multi-sourced alliance?

Because of their very different lending and cover mandates, ECAs and DFIs have long been fractious allies in big-ticket multi-sourced project financing in emerging...