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23 December 2021

HSBC's Christian Deseglise on commercially financing Net Zero

Middle East & Africa, Americas, Asia-Pacific, Europe

Uxolo speaks with Christian Deseglise, Head of Sustainable Finance at HSBC about his reactions to COP26 in Glasgow, and how commercial banks are working with development finance institutions especially in the emerging markets sustainable infrastructure space.

Uxolo speaks with Christian Deseglise, Head of Sustainable Finance at HSBC about his reactions to COP26 in Glasgow (01:00), the Glasgow Financial Alliance for Net Zero (GFANZ) which brings together approximately 450 institutions representing $130 trillion (03:05), the growing realisation that emerging markets infrastructure assets are a key factor in the transition to net zero (05:40) and the ecosystem of infrastructure finance (08:00).

The discussion continues with the role of DFIs & MDBs in mobilising capital towards and de-risking transition projects (10:45), examples of financing vehicles that HSBC is involved in partnering with MDBs including ADB & IFC for sustainable infrastructure (14:53) and the deep understanding of commercial banks that climate change is a very real threat and their unique role to help their clients transition successfully to net zero by 2050, ensuring that both clients and the communities they serve can continue to be successful (18:30).

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