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04 January 2022

Uxolo Development Finance Pathfinder awards 2021 - get involved!

The nominations for the Uxolo Development Finance Pathfinder awards 2021 are now open. These awards recognise the crucial work Development Banks of all sizes have done across the globe in 2021.

Although 2021 is behind us, we certainly aren't done thinking about the major role Development Banks have played last year amid the ongoing pandemic and shrinking economies across the developing world, leaving progress towards the UN’s SDGs in tatters. This is why we have created the Uxolo Development Finance Pathfinder Awards 2021, which recognises the crucial work of Development Banks — large and small, international and domestic — during what was, and remains, a precarious time for countries in the Global South.  

As the name suggests, we are looking for firsts and pathfinder deals that demonstrate innovation - both in terms of financial engineering, risk mitigation, diversification of the traditional development funding pool, and as practical solutions to real-world development problems. Size, country risk, political risk, sector risk, and credit strength of the borrower, etc will all have a bearing - but innovation will carry the most weight.

In short, if you have worked, collaborated, or advised on a financing/project in 2021 you are proud of, we want to hear about it, no matter the scale - innovation isn't the preserve of the big guys. 

Details on how to submit deals can be found in the links below - but the basics we require are:

Name of the financing/project being nominated 

Development banks/companies/institutions/commercial banks involved 


Financing/project volume (including tranche information) 

Approval date 



Area of finance 

And most importantly, a paragraph about why you think the financing/project should be considered for an award. 

Download the submission guidelines here

Download the submission form here

Please submit your entries to:

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