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11 January 2022

FMO's Jorim Schraven on biodiversity and the financial sector


Uxolo speaks with Jorim Schraven, the director of impact and ESG department at FMO, a Dutch development bank, about the significance of biodiversity and nature-positive solutions for the financial sector.

Jorim introduces the projects carried out by the Dutch development bank across UN’s Sustainable Development Goals 8, 10 and 13 (01:00), the relevance of biodiversity at COP26 and nature-based solutions in climate finance (02:00); the value of biodiversity, dependency of the financial sector on the diversity of species and understanding the metrics for evaluating the impact of biodiversity (05:10), working on the risk management aspect of biodiversity (08:18); structuring blended finance projects to foster biodiversity (10:40), the ways in which development banks are shifting from risk management approach to nature positive impact (14:05), relevance of UN Biodiversity Conference in Kunming, China and the potential for development finance players to engage with nature positive investments (15:50). 

Link to UN Biodiversity Conference: https://www.unep.org/news-and-stories/story/what-you-need-know-about-un-biodiversity-conference

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