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08 September 2022

Size matters

Africa is awash with under-capitalised national DFIs. Would consolidation make the sector more impactful in terms of balance sheet leverage, de-risking and cost of debt?...

25 August 2022

Uxolo Development Finance Awards 2021: The DFI-backed infra super deals

In the second part of the inaugural Uxolo Awards we look at the best DFI-backed infrastructure deals of 2021 - projects and funding that are key to wider economic...

10 August 2022

Uxolo Development Finance Awards 2021: Pathfinders through the pandemic

In the first part of the inaugural Uxolo Awards we look at the best providers and financial engineering innovations in development finance in 2021.

29 July 2022
Finance and other

MDB capital adequacy report: A mixed reception

The G20 mandated independent review of multilateral development banks’ (MDB) capital adequacy frameworks is out and has some key recommendations that could significantly...

26 May 2022
Finance and other

Capital adequacy inadequacy

Will the sky fall in if multilateral development banks include callable capital in their capital adequacy ratios?

12 May 2022

An opening for sustainability-linked debt in project finance?

Corporate borrowers and lenders have responded enthusiastically to the concept of sustainability-linked lending. Jennifer Charles and Ryan Ayrton, London-based partners...

02 March 2022
Agriculture/food chain, Finance and other, Health/education programmes, IT and telecoms, Manufacturing, Mining, Renewable energy, Social infrastructure, Social projects, Traditional energy, Waste and water

DFI cooperation: a future casualty of war?

From the balance sheet to the boardroom, the implications for some DFIs and supranationals from Putin’s invasion of Ukraine are more than just indirect hits from...

14 January 2022
Agriculture/food chain

Canal Sugar: An on-lend blend

Egypt's Canal Sugar deal, closed toward the end of last year, incorporates both multi-sourced and multi-currency debt, achieving the blend via an innovative use of...

30 September 2021
Renewable energy

UXOLO CLIMATE FINANCE | Watch on demand content today

Watch on-demand content and network with other delegates. Plus, Uxolo will be adding regular exclusive content to the platform over the coming weeks in the run up to...

10 September 2020
Social infrastructure

BAKAD: Great deal – even greater expectations

The Almaty Ring Road (BAKAD) PPP financing is a major DFI-backed achievement for Kazakhstan. But are estimations of its impact, beyond meeting the project’s immediate...

07 May 2020

Impact assessment: Covid-19 and the global development agenda

In the second of a series of insights on the impact of Covid-19 on the global economy, Orbian CEO Tom Dunn interviews Judith Tyson, a fellow at the Overseas Development...